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The online Board of Trustees minutes contain records dating from 1862; at the time, known as the Board of Curators at Kentucky University (present day Transylvania University). From 1865-1878, the Agricultural & Mechanical College (present day University of Kentucky) shared a governing body with Kentucky University.

In 1878, the Kentucky legislature separated the A&M College from Kentucky University, making it an independent public institution. As a result of the separation, A&M College promptly formed a Board of Directors. In 1879, the governing body was known as the Board of Visitors, but in 1880 was named the Board of Trustees and has retained this title to present.

The governance of the University of Kentucky is vested by law in its Board of Trustees. Within the limits set by the state constitution and federal and state laws, the Board of Trustees is the final authority in all matters affecting the institution. It exercises jurisdiction over the institution's financial, educational, and other policies along with its relation with state and federal governments.



Minutes will continue to be updated annually.


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